So, it recently was announced that Joe Lombard was retiring as head coach for the Lady Eagles in Canyon.Having gone to Canyon this was big news for me. I never got to play for him but I still couldn't help but notice his awesomeness.
His overall record was 1,379 wins and only 133 losses. That is simply amazing. On and to add 19 state championships. I mean this guy was untouchable.
My first thought is who could fill his shoes? I mean his numbers are so crazy good. Whoever it will be has a lot to live up to.
So imagine my surprise today when I saw an announcement on Facebook. It said Tate Lombard named Canyon Lady Eagles Head Coach.
Wait? What? Tate? Lombard? This has to be a dream. A new era in Canyon with what would have to be some of the same great results. Another Lombard. I mean he has been the assistant coach for the team this past season. So, yes it makes sense. A lot of sense.
Pinch me. I can’t imagine the apple fell far from that tree and Canyon applauds you. I am so happy to see the tradition will be continuing in Canyon with another Lombard in the lead.

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