If the way people use emojis says anything about them as a larger group, then Texans are some weapon-toting happy folks.

The folks at Improvenet.com analyzed 200 million tweets to find more than 2.5 million with a U.S. location attached that used an emoji to determine how residents of varying states are using the modern-day hieroglyphics.

On a nationwide level, the tears of joy emoji was the most commonly used. The same held true for Texas, where like the rest of the U.S., we feel 😂 more than any other emotion. The study then broke down exactly which states are the happiest, saddest and angriest, and Texas was among the happiest! How could we not be with the bright blue skies, Whataburger and Shiner?

Via Improvenet.com

Texas also is notable when it comes to its residents use of weapons emojis, making the top five states to use the gun emoji, according to improvenet.com.

Via Improvenet.com

The folks at improvenet.com also broke down which sport and alcoholic drink residents of each state tweet about most while using emoji and Texans topped with football and wine, respectively.