A recently-released survey reveals the most-used food emoji by state, and the most used in Texas is kinda surprising.

Personally, I'd think the newly-released taco or burrito emojis would be the most-used in the Lone-Star state, maybe even the beer emoji or perhaps the chili pepper. But nope, topping the emojis used in Texas is the grape-cluster emoji. 🍇 Huh?

According to SwiftKey, which conducted the survey, the pizza emoji very unsurprisingly is the most-used in the U.S.

While Texas' top emoji was surprising, other states had pretty typical results. The most-used emoji in Washington was the cup of coffee; in Hawaii, the pineapple and Iowa's most used was the ear of corn.

Coming in behind the pizza emoji for the most-used in the U.S. were:


 Chicken (turkey?) leg





 Ice cream cone