We've been celebrating a lot recently, it seems. Things are opening back up. Mask mandates and restrictions are lifting. Concerts, festivals, and summer time traditions are all making a comeback.

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That doesn't mean, though, that safety isn't still a concern. It also doesn't mean that absolutely everything is back to normal, because it most definitely is not.

Yes, There Will Be an AMA-CON 2021

This is where AMA-CON comes is. Organizers of the yearly convention have been working to find a way to safely have the event, while still offering something that resembles what we've all come to expect.

Today they put out a notice on social media that we will be getting to have AMA-CON. It's happening. That's the good news.

It's Just a Different Kind of AMA-CON

The bad news, which isn't necessarily all bad, is that it is going to be scaled back. A lot.

According to their update on social media, the con will only be on one day this year. It's taking place on July 31. It will be held at the library's southwest branch.

Notice I said "at" and not "in." That's because this year the con will be held outdoors.

AMA-CON will be held on the grounds around the library's southwest branch, and there will be a cosplay parade around McDonald Lake. The whole event will last from 8 AM until 1 PM.

There's Hope For Geek Prom

If that bums you out, and I know for some it is most definitely a bummer, I have more good news so we end on a positive note. Geek Prom is something they're still planning on having. According to their update, they're working on a way to have it that evening.

Organizers do say that they are already working on AMA-CON 2022. I have to imagine that with all of this time to plan and schedule, next year will be something special.

To keep up with the latest info, and any updates to this year's event, be sure to follow AMA-CON on social media.

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