Not exactly the public image we wanted to portray of Amarillo, but our city is once again featured on an episode of COPS. In the most recent video featuring the Amarillo Police Department, Corporal Sy Slover responds to a call for an aggravated robbery at a local gas station and convenience store. At this time we are unable to identify the location of the robbery.

During the pursuit of the 2 suspects, APD received the licence plate number of the suspects getaway vehicle and heads to the residence where the vehicle is registered. The vehicle was not at the residence when Corporal Slover arrived, however a man and woman answered the door where the vehicle is registered. The couple tells Corporal Slover that their son has the car and went to watch a football game. The suspects mom video chatted with her son and Corporal Slover arranges for the suspect to return home and he will interview him in person. APD intercepts the suspect as he returns home and quickly detains him. The suspect tells authorities that he was attending a homecoming game at Dick Bivens Stadium.

While searching the suspect, APD discovers an un-fired 9mm round in his pocket which matches an unspent round that was found at the crime scene. Corporal Slover reviews the camera footage from the convenience store and is able to match the description of the suspect and the evidence collected.

Unfortunately, this episode of COPS isn't the first or last for our city. Here are more clips featuring Amarillo:

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