Every year many of us look forward to a fresh start on January 1. We make resolutions to somehow create a better version of ourselves in the new year. In some cities this is easier than in others.

A figure that gets thrown out frequently when talking about resolutions is the 9% success rate for those who make them. Resolutions are more than just challenging. When you look at the numbers, they almost seem impossible.

WalletHub recently did a study to find which cities in the US are more conducive to being successful in keeping your New Year's resolutions.  Spoiler alert: Amarillo beat Lubbock.

Here is the complete list of rankings from number crunching website WalletHubb:

Source: WalletHub

The study took the most popular New Year's resolutions and then looked at what services were available in each city to help you keep your resolutions.  If your resolution is to get fit or lose weight, for example, they looked at the number of gyms available per capita.

Amarillo just barely made it in the top 100, coming in at 99. Lubbock came in at 123. Lubbock did edge pass us to do better in the health category, while we came in the top 5 for work and education resolutions.

Amarillo also did really well, coming in at number 38, for financial resolutions. Our worst scoring category was in health.  But in all fairness, we do have some of the most amazing restaurants in the panhandle. We came in at 152.

The study ranked over 180 cities in the US.  For all of the details go HERE.

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