I have said this before and I will say this again! If you have not gone out to catch an Amarillo Bulls game this season. You are missing out.

These guys have something special this season. They are doing things I haven’t seen in forever.

We had another 2 games this past weekend. We finished Friday night winning 8-2. We got to see a hat trick from Alex Peterson. Yes, he scored three goals that night! It was great!

We also got to see Pucky the Pig fly 4 times in the first period! Bam...4 goals in the first period. It was a fantastic game.

Not to be undone we had another game on Saturday and it was another exciting game. We got the first goal but it seems like the Jackalopes came to play that night. They kept up with us most of the game.

It didn’t matter though. They came up short. The Bulls pulled ahead for their 35th win of the season and 20th home win by a score of 4-2.

We have already clinched a playoff spot but that didn’t mean we are coasting in the rest of the season. No the boys are here to make a statement. You need to get out and see a game.

We have 2 more regular season home-stands. We will be back on the ice at the Amarillo Civic Center coming up March 15th and 16th.

We will wrap up our home games for the regular season coming up the last weekend in March. There will be games Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then we are playoff bound!



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