The Amarillo Bulls just kicked off their 10th Anniversary season. Before their first home game on Friday they held a press conference.

With that press conference they made the announcement of new ownership. The new ownership is with F&S Management team. They are out of California. You can watch the press conference here:


So the weekend came and went. The Bulls lost Friday night but bounced right back and got the victory on Saturday. Everything was looking up for the Bulls. That was until yesterday.

Social Media was a flutter earlier yesterday. That is where I saw the news. This new ownership group let go two of the Amarillo Bulls long time employees. General Manager, Rick Matchett, and Office Manager/Ticket guru Kandi Dennis (on her birthday no less).

The usual "change of direction" and "trying new things" was the reason. Of course that leaves for lots of speculation of what is going to be next. I am an employee of the Amarillo Bulls and I had to find out about it via social media.

It took awhile for the Bulls to release an official statement. When they did HERE is  what they said about the situation.

So there will be many changes, I feel, for this upcoming season. I am not quite sure how to feel about this. Only time will tell.



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