Last week a Amarillo child had their wheelchair stolen from his family's front yard.

The family lives in Valle De Oro and the chair was in the front yard at the time.

According to the family,

I'm 25 miles North West of Amarillo, I I live in the country, I truly believe it was someone who stopped to use our dumpster, I live right off the highway. 

The chair was taken off the family property.  It is unknown if the person was just passing through or lived in the area.

They described the wheelchair as orange and black with the initials IJ on the back of the chair.

I love our city, but sometimes the people in the area need to get a clue.  Why take something that isn't yours.  Yes, the wheelchair was outside but that doesn't give someone the right to take it off a person's property.  What kind of person sees a wheelchair and just takes it, it's a wheelchair, somebody uses that chair.  What gives you the right?

If you have any information on the missing wheelchair, please let us know and we will pass the information onto the family.  Let's help this family get IJ's wheelchair back to him.


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