Evocation Coffee Roasters has been given the title of one of the best coffee roasters in the U.S. by Thrillest.com.

Remember when we came out with the list of the best coffee shops in Amarillo? Evocation Coffee Roasters was on it, despite the fact that they are a small business with a selective menu.

On January 31st, 2016, Thrillist.com released a list of the best coffee roasters in the country. Washington, California, and Oregon were represented, just as you'd expect. However, amid the big cities was little Amarillo, Texas, and the big flavor of Evocation.

According to article, the chosen coffee shops are meant to showcase places where employees are passionate about coffee, both the flavor of their drinks and the science behind the beans. Evocation is a prime example of this passion, since the owner has traveled across continents discovering new coffee beans and even "asked for a roaster for his 17th birthday, instead of a car."

The Kenya Wahundura coffee bean received five stars from Thrillist's Roast Review. This coffee has notes of grapefruit and raspberry, which might sound unusual to most, but won the hearts and taste buds of Thrillist coffee connoisseurs.

Check out Evocation at their new location at 3300 South Coulter, Suite 5 in Amarillo.

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