I really have no creativity. When it comes to chalk I only use it to make a hopscotch. Really I am that simple. Seeing so many people with so much talent really impresses me.

I know it is almost summer vacation and really who has this much to share. We do. I promise. Amarillo college uses this time for their Chalk Up Event. I meant this is really cool. Who else has mad skills like this?

You still have time to make your design plans. The Chalk Up Event is not until July 31. I know though what are you waiting for. I mean this is not a slacker event. We need your cool art skills.

It is free to enter....so score there. The are that is offered is way too cool.

HERE is how you get registered.  That is a start.

The rules are this:

Entrants will be assigned eight-foot squares on which to create their masterpieces (knee pads are advisable).

The artists – they can register as individuals or teams of up to four – will create their works on AC’s Oeschger Family Mall. The competition runs from 8 a.m. to noon, at which point a panel of judges representing the local arts community will announce the winners.

But spectators – they typically number in the hundreds for this popular event – will have a say in the matter, too.

Prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third places, and to a Fan Favorite, as well.

Chalk art has a whole website ready for their skills. Really I wished I had the artistic skills. I just know how awesome the sketches will be for us to view. I'm good with just using my chalk for hopscotch.

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