It was a little over a year ago when I wrote about the craziness on I-27 in Amarillo with the construction there and how fast people blew through that particular spot. It's a relatively tight area and people are ripping through it at 70 mph.

Well here we are, more than 365 days later, and it feels like we've gotten absolutely NOWHERE in the completion of whatever project they're working on...and people are still blowing through there at high rates of speed.

Clearly I'm not the only one that feels that way. So many people posted on Facebook about how they feel it's crazy dangerous through that stretch, how many people speed right through there, and one even mentioned how their car insurance rates went up because they live so close to an area that has a lot of accidents. Check out the comments for yourself.

Let's forget about the speed and dangerousness for a bit though, and take a look at something else.

Where in the world did the construction crews go? There was a stretch for a bit where I didn't see one construction worker in that area for a couple of months. It's like the project was completely forgotten.

If you have an area where there are known problems such as the speeding or accidents happening, wouldn't you try and double time the project and add even more workers out there to complete it faster? I know Amarillo has a lot of areas that are being worked on at the moment, but this one, I swear it's never going to be finished.

This isn't the only construction area that has seemingly lost its crew. A user on Facebook mentioned they haven't seen workers at Amarillo Blvd. West in quite awhile. If you don't know, they are working on building a bridge there over the railroad tracks near McMasters, but it apparently hasn't been touched in awhile.

Look, if we're going to have multiple construction projects going on, then make sure you have crews that can be there consistently working on completing the projects. Otherwise, slow down, pick one, focus on it, and stop making it so dangerous for everyone else out there.

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