Fair warning, this is an opinion/ranty piece.

I know we are a "Drive Friendly" state, but sometimes we are too friendly and it causes other drivers stress.

Turning left in congested traffic here in Amarillo is a nightmare, especially on Coulter, turning left during lunch is impossible. I know no one is making this move to intentionally hurt someone. This is me pointing out something that makes me wanna pull my hair out.

I've created a couple of graphics to explain this situation, before you rip into me in the comments, just hear me out.

Credit: Google Maps

Above is a photo of a stylish blue car waiting to make a left turn, the red car is insisting the blue car turns.

Credit: Google Maps

The blue car begins to make that left turn, trusting in the red car. Meanwhile, the green car is coming in HOT. The blue car cannot see there is a green car coming.

Credit: Google Maps

CRASH! People are possibly hurt and no one is happy, and the blue car is not getting Chop Chop for Lunch.

Hopefully, this will give you or a friend insight to being overly friendly while driving. Stay safe out there and share this article with anyone who is known for doing this. Be patient out there. One of the few circumstances where I will say this, stop being nice.