This is stuff you probably hear happening in other cities, but here's our first report out of Amarillo, Texas of a family finding a sharp metal object in their kids trick-or-treat candy.

A family who is very cautious around Halloween time when it comes to what candy they allow their kids to eat. On Sunday a mother went through her daughters bags of candy noticed nothing harmful after checking and separating their candy.

After splitting their candy up by different kinds, she gave them back to her kids to what she thought was safe to eat. It wasn't till later that day when her daughter showed her something that was lodged in a candy-bar that shocked and scared the whole family.

One of the daughters opened up a 'Milky Way" candy-bar and right before she took a bite she noticed a sharp metal object placed into the candy-bar. Whoever thought this would happen here in Amarillo and why would someone do this!

After speaking to the parent who called Kiss FM  to report what happened this is what she had to say:

"Every year we check our kids candies and make sure we go through all of them before give it to them. We were shocked and scared after seeing what my daughter found in her candy-bar."

"It's hard to say where we might have received the candy because we went to multiple places like the Coulter and Hillside area, but we also attended the Hillside Baptist "Trunk or Treat" event. It's hard to pinpoint because we were at multiple places. It's just scary that this happened and their can be other candies out their to."

The mother did say she reported to APD and they were going to investigate it, but that this was the only reporting so far. The family said they called Kiss FM because they heard "The Hacker Morning Show" talking about trick-or-treat candy and they felt it was the right thing to do to warn people out there. The concerned mom also mentioned that she did not notice the metal piece when she checked the candy because it wasn't poking out of the wrapper.

If you have found a sharp metal object or anything strange in your candy please contact the Amarillo Police Department.

Please go through your kids Halloween candy and spread the word!