A Caprock high-school student is getting geared up for a big season this year. With highschool football practice kicking off already, Caprock is prepping up for a big year  especially for #57.

Next time you attend a Caprock football game watch for #57. This person is a very special player. What makes this player so special? Not only because this person works hard on the frontline to protect the quarterback, but also because #57 is a female. Jamey Roybal has been playing football since she was 6 years old.

Last year Roybal was the starting center on the freshman squad for the Caprock Longhorns. This year Roybal is working and training hard in hopes of making the varsity team. Roybal plays her heart out and has the full support of her family.

Not to long ago Roybal lost her sister Chloe, who was a big motivator in her life. Every time #57 gears up and hits the field she has a picture of her sister Chloe under her pads on her chest. Be on the look out for Jamey Roybal and lets cheer her on! Hopefully she makes the Caprock Longhorns varsity team.

The Hacker Morning Show supports Jamey Roybal!


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