The City of Amarillo Fire Department announced that they will be sending equipment and Amarillo’s finest to help battle wild fires which are out of control in California. Additionally Governor Greg Abbott is deploying the firefighters, along with 50 fire trucks and ten command vehicles from 56 fire departments across Texas.

City Of Amarillo
City Of Amarillo

  "Texas is ready to answer the call for help when disaster strikes - whether it's here in the Lone Star State or across the country," said Governor Abbott. "I thank the brave men and women serving in our fire departments across Texas for stepping up to help Californians in need as these fires continue to burn. I ask all Texans to join me and Cecilia in prayer for the courageous firefighters battling these wildfires, as well as for those who have been affected by this disaster."

Five Amarillo Firefighters are on their way to Needles California with Engine 8-32, where they will meet up with other departments at Gander Mountain.

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