It happens to the best of us in Amarillo, TX. Those lights flip on behind you, you pull over, and the officer hands you a little piece of paper. It says, "you did this. Either pay this amount by this date, or show up in court this day".

Ok, so that's a loose interpretation of what it actually says, but you catch my drift. You throw it in your purse or pocket, then you forget it's even there. It falls to the bottom of your purse, or it goes through the washer still inside your pants.

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Well the court date passes, and you didn't pay the fine. Guess what? You now have a warrant out for your arrest. When you see some of the charges people are hit with when their mugshot gets posted somewhere, you think to yourself, how did they get arrested for running a stop sign?

Here's the thing, they didn't get arrested for that in particular. They avoided the citation they received for it, got pulled over again, THEN got arrested. That simple citation turned into a warrant because it went ignored.

Bad news in Amarillo. You've got until the week of March 4th to take care of any outstanding citations, or Amarillo Police could be coming for you. The City of Amarillo Municipal Court started a compliance program Monday aimed to help those with outstanding citations.

Right now, they're just encouraging you to take care of those citations and resolve everything with the courts. If you handle your business, you'll have nothing to worry about. Now if you don't, the second phase of this program is where you'll find yourself at risk.

That next phase has Amarillo Police getting involved and serving outstanding warrants to community members the week of March 4th. Yes, this means you could find yourself getting arrested and having to take an unflattering photo that you probably don't want your employer or family seeing.

If you have a citation that you ignored, all you need to do is head to Amarillo Municipal Court and resolve your case. If you do this willingly, they won't arrest you. Sounds like a pretty fair trade off doesn't it?

If you aren't sure whether or not you have a citation you didn't take care of, you can go to their website here and find all the contact info you need.

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