Someone in Amarillo woke up a whole lot richer today.

Some people think that playing the lottery is a risky gamble and a waste of money. But when stories like this come out, it sure makes me want to play!

On Tuesday, September 27th, an Amarillo resident walked in to the Toot'n Totum on West 34th and Bell and bought a winning 'Texas Two Step Ticket' for $900,000. This is one of the more simple lottery ticket games to play. All you do is select four numbers from 1-35 and you're done. The odds of winning the Texas Lottery, according to, are one in 25,827,165. That lucky winner has not been chosen yet. There will be another drawing on Thursday, September 29th.

2016 has been a lucky year for Amarillo lottery players. Back in April, an Amarillo man claimed $1 million after winning a scratch off. Click here to read the story.

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