The 72 oz steak is an absolute legend far and wide. Growing up near I-40, it was all I knew of Amarillo before ever visiting Yellow City. Here are 6 winners and losers who decided to face down Amarillo's infamous steak.

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Raina and Joel - Double Winner

Both of these YouTube stars have visited various Amarillo establishments to demolish their food challenge. The Big Texan got a double dose when they double teamed their visit. Both Raina and Joel were able to demolish the 72 oz steak and the accompanying meal.

Man V. Food - Man Won

Some say you can thank Man V. Food for the recent interest in the 72 oz steak. In the classic clip, man and food collide with man coming out the victor.

The Daytripper - At Least He Tried

This travel vlogger who has made a name for himself exploring every nook and cranny of the Lone Star State decided to go toe-to-toe with the 72 oz steak. His wallet is the one that took a beating, since he wasn't able to finish the meal.

At least he tried.

The Carpetbagger - Winner

Another travel vlogger, The Carpetbagger has done a few videos on different landmarks in town. In this one, he tackles the 72 oz steak challenge. Not only does he tackle it, he conquers it. After finishing the meal, he looks like he might pop.

It's all good though. He said this was all part of a childhood dream for him.

Katina - Winner

The thing about Katina is that she's awfully unassuming. You wouldn't look at her and think to yourself, "I bet she could put down enough steak to feed a small militia." Yet that's exactly what she did.

Molly Schulyer - The Champ

We're all familiar with Molly. I'm pretty sure there's folk songs written about her exploits at The Big Texan. Molly wasn't content with just beating the challenge and talking about how good it tasted, or how nice everyone was. No, she wanted to make a point.

Molly poured salt on the wound, so to speak, by demolishing TWO of the MEALS. Not just the steaks. She set the record while doing it.

There's A Live Feed You Can Watch For More

The Big Texan has gone big tech and started a YouTube channel where they stream those brave enough to take on the challenge. You can go through their library or winners and losers here.

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