Oh dude this was hilarious to watch as Jay Leno pointed out an Amarillo Globe News article about Hail Storms on the Tonight Show on NBC.  The article had a quote from NWS meteorologist, Krissy Scotten, who was quoted to have "scooped up a pile of ping-pong sized hail" and said "it was like holding ice".  And that's it, that's the punch line.




Because, of course it's like holding ice, it is ice, isn't it?  Did I miss something?  Is hail not frozen rain..coming down and denting my nice car?

Well whatever, it's just another example of Amarillo being the butt-end of jokes.

2 things you can always count on to make your city look silly and that's (1) local car dealership commercials, because they are always the cheesiest of cheesy!  And (2) the local media, like me, saying something we could have lived without saying. Yeah I've got a few regrets myself!

Check out the video below for the Headlines with Jay Leno, Amarillo is the 1st headline he reads so you only have to watch about 30 seconds of the video :)

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