When it comes to planning a trip with children, it can be more frustration than fun. A recent article from Vacation Idea suggests that planning trips to small towns/cities might be exactly what you are looking for, and Amarillo is included in their top 25 list.

According to Vacation Idea, Amarillo offers kids a "real taste of Texas." They specifically name the River Breaks Ranch for a glimpse into the cowboy way, and also point readers to the Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian.

No article about getting away to Amarillo would be complete without mentioning Palo Duro Canyon. The article even suggest getting a guided tour of the canyon for your family.

Other Amarillo staples include taking a minute to soak in the iconic Cadillac Ranch, the Discovery Center, and the Amarillo Zoo.

There are a lot of options for families who want to enjoy time out of the house. Don't forget Wonderland Park this summer, or Starlight Ranch with its zipline, mechanical bull, and events.

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