The topic of the Thompson Park pool has been a sore spot for a lot of people around town. Last night the city unveiled four concepts for possible replacements for the Thompson Park Pool.

The city posted the concepts on Facebook, asking for more community feedback.

The first concept, comparable to Canyon Aqua Park, features slides away from the main pool area. Everything seems to have equal space.

Concept 2, comparable to Abilene, has a large lazy river set away from the main pool area.

Concept 3, comparable to Gainesville, has no slide and everything seems to be squeezed into one central location.

Concept 4, comparable to Spearman, has a large pool with slides along with a smaller pool area. No lazy river on this concept.

Responses on Facebook have been largely in favor of Concept 2 with the large lazy river. Some have commented on how small the pool is in that concept.

Which concept is your pick for the Thompson Park Pool replacement?


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