The wait is about to be over. The pool at Thompson park is about to be open again. This has been one heck of a ride. It really has. Back in 2018 the news came out that due to safety concerns the pool at Thompson Park was closing.

That pool has been a mainstay here in Amarillo for close to ninety years. That was not the news we wanted to hear. According to the City of Amarillo:

The City of Amarillo (COA) closed Thompson Park Pool in December 2018 due to public safety concerns. The pool, which opened in 1931, was one of the oldest (if not the oldest) public swimming pools in the Amarillo area. During its nearly 90 years of use, Thompson Park Pool underwent three renovation projects. The nearly 100 year-old pool was closed due to structural issues.

Then it was on. We needed to do better. Oh and the city did not disappoint. The next announcement was that Thompson Park was getting a new pool. Oh and this thing is going to be great. It will have a lazy river, cabanas and a pool that will hold at least 400 people. This is what Amarillo needed.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The pool was supposed to open back at Memorial Day weekend. That didn't happen. It kept getting pushed back. We learned last week that there was water finally in the pool so the opening had to be soon.

Officially the word is out and Thompson Park Pool will be opening up this Saturday (7/24) at 10:30am. This is the excitement that Amarillo needs. Better late than never.

Here is the announcement from our Mayor, Ginger Nelson:


credit: Ginger Nelson
credit: Thompson Park Pool FB page

We are ready for this great new place to get opened so we can jump right in.

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