If you drove by I-40 and Soncy yesterday and noticed that Red Robin was boarded up, you weren't seeing things-it's real.  A judge backed a court order that stated the owner should stop operating under the name Red Robin.

Red Robin-yummm! is no longer.  No more Cry Baby Burgers or bottomless steak fries.  No more towering onion rings or Freckled Lemonade.  So what exactly happened?

Well it seems that the Colorado based Red Robin International claims that the Early Bird Amarillo OPS4 (the people running the local burger joint) owes the chain hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid franchise and marketing fees.

The chain actually ended the franchise agreement in January 2011, but allowed the owners to operate under the franchise conditions in hopes that the owner would work to being reinstated.

Hopefully everything will get worked out.  But if you are in the mood for a Red Robin burger, you can no longer get it here in Amarillo.