Over the weekend was thought to be a just a regular family outing to Greenbelt lake. Tossing the football around maybe a little sand volleyball, grilling and swimming at the lake sounded like a perfect family day. Till the day came to a very sad ending for the Inthavongsy family. This was not how the day was supposed to turn out. 14 year old Sam Inthavongsy and family members decided to go for a swim, after trying to swim out to a tree on a island out on the lake, Sam had a hard time trying to swim back to shore. Family members attempted to help him back to shore. Sam had no more energy to make it back. Sadly to say local authorities found Sam's body about 40 ft. away from the shore and at the bottom of the lake which was 11 ft deep. Our prayers are with friends and the Inthavongsy family.

Thanks to Amarillo Globe News for this story.

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