If you like going somewhere local to get your steaks, chicken, burgers and everything else, you will have one less place after today.

The end of an era

Harold's Farmers Market on Grand has been a mainstay in Amarillo for decades. People have been supporting them forever. Now is the time for them to put up their meat cleavers.


Thank you for the years of commitment from all of you that shop at Harolds farmers market .Unfortunately Covid and accessibility to meat has created a situation to where this coming Wednesday will be our last day open. We appreciate each and every customer that has stood by us.

So today is the day for them to say goodbye. It's really sad and a lot of their customers took to Facebook to let them know.

Support for Harold's Farmers Market

Oo no yall where an outstanding pillar of the community we love yall thank you -Timothy


So sorry to see you go. Y’all had the best meats and excellent customer service. Thank YOU for the years. - Jay


Oh no! This just breaks my heart. You and your family have done so much for others over the years Lyndon. You have carried on your parents legacy with pride and love. I love the Brazile Family - Lesa

It's sad to see another local place go but I also read that another local business seemed to buy the building. Though, it won't be Harold's Farmers Market after today, it is good to see that it will stay local.

We wish everyone at Harold's a huge success and thank you for all the year's you gave us here in Amarillo.

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