Before I get started here, I just want to say that I believe Amarillo DOES have people that are bright and smart. Not everyone here lacks common sense, and there are many people who are intelligent enough not to do stupid things.

Unfortunately, I do feel we have more people that lack common sense here than some other cities. This is a prime example of that.

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On Friday, October 27th, Amarillo PD arrested a man in connection with a felony theft case. While theft isn't exactly surprising here in the 806, the manner of how this person got caught is almost amusing, yet amazingly stupid in my eyes.

An investigation began back on October 17th when a stolen Ford Bronco was recovered. Amarillo PD teamed up with the Neighborhood Police Officers to start looking into some other thefts that had happened recently.

During their investigation, they found a lot of these stolen items popping up on Facebook Marketplace, with many of them being sold. Let's be honest here, if you stole something, you don't really care how much you get for it, anything will do right?

The investigation led police to 35-year old Adam Moreno, who was arrested and charged with felony theft.

The stolen items came from a myriad of places, and some of these places I'm not sure I'd even think about someone stealing from. Private homes were the most obvious one. It's easy to sell household type items on Marketplace.

The businesses in which Moreno is accused of stealing from include Lowe's, Home Depot, and HTeaO. I understand the Lowe's and Home Depot angles. Tools and things of the sort sell extremely easy, especially if they're bargain priced.

However, I'm perplexed as to what someone could steal of true value from HTeaO. It's been awhile since I've been in one, but just thinking about it, I'm so lost on what could've been taken from there and easily sold on Marketplace. Maybe it was still for sale, who knows.

Officials recovered over 400 stolen items once they executed a search warrant back on October 26th. Seems to me Moreno was very busy leading up to that time.

Moral of the story is this. First off, don't steal. Secondly, if you ARE going to steal and resell those items yourself, maybe you don't go somewhere so public like Facebook to sell them. I mean, it seems too easy for you to be found, even with a fake profile.

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