The controversy with the Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare continues.  A woman by the name of Miranda took to Facebook recently to tell her story about how her pet dog Gordy was mistakenly euthanized by the AAM&W.

According to the Facebook post, Gordy was picked up by the city after he escaped the yard and bit a mailman.  After a dog bites a human the dog must be held at the pound for 10 days before deciding if the animal is a threat and should or should not be euthanized.

The post says it was determined that Gordy was not to be euthanized and when the owner called to confirm a pickup time, she was informed that Gordy was accidentally euthanized after an employee mistakenly misread an email.  When asked for the dog's body to bury, she was also informed that the animal was no longer at the pound and was disposed of.

You can read more about Gordy in this Facebook post and in the comments section.

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