The Amarillo Police Department reported last week that they have taken 996 stolen vehicle reports just this year not to mention the massive amounts of car burglaries.  They usually take and average 35 reports each week for car burglaries.  

Car Window Smashed By A Thief
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Unfortunately, anyone can have their car broken into.  In fact, our very own Braden had his truck broken into on Friday night while he was inside his home.

I had gotten home about 8-8:30pm on Friday night.  Not thinking I threw my backpack in my backseat and went inside.  Sometime between then and Saturday morning someone had busted out my truck window and ran off with my backpack.  I locked my doors and my window are tinted.   The APD responded quickly.  They took fingerprints and pictures, and they said they would check the local pawn shops to see if they could find the items stolen.

Braden also mentioned he told the police that he moved into the neighborhood because it seemed to be a safe neighborhood.  He said the police officers told him that his neighborhood is being targeted by thieves and when they do that they keep stealing in that neighborhood until they are caught.

Unfortunately, Braden isn't the only person that has faced this thievery, car burglaries in Amarillo have sky rocketed.  Due to the all vehicle burglaries,  the Amarillo Police Department has joined a nationwide campaign called #9PMRoutine.  It's a reminder to take everything out of your vehicles before you call it a night.   Take anything valuable out of your cars and lock your doors or leave them unlocked, just make sure all your valuables are removed.

The APD will remind you each night around 9pm to do just that on Twitter and on Facebook.

The APD also want to remind you don't leave your car running with the keys in it.  Last week they had at lead 11 reports of car thefts.   This is the time of year where people warm up their cars.  Also people have a tendency to leave their keys in their car.  This just welcomes thieves.  Warmth is a great thing but is it worth having your car stolen.  If you love a warm car in the morning you might considered having a remote car starter put in your vehicle.  Otherwise, you are risking your car being stolen.

Be smart and don't leave it running unattended or with the keys in it, or you will likely become a statistic.



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