Elizabeth Brown is the first woman to be promoted to the rank of captain in the Amarillo Police Department.

Amarillo, Texas, isn't the up-and-coming city for gender equality. Statistically speaking, women in this area make less money than men and don't fill as many traditionally-male jobs.

However, Elizabeth Brown has found her passion in police work and surpassed her male counterparts for the position of captain.

Brown was chosen based on her high score on the promotional exam. She was up against four male lieutenants.

The Amarillo Police Department hired Brown in 2000 as a civilian dispatcher. She applied for an officer position shortly after. She was only the third woman in Amarillo to become a lieutenant. By 2008, Brown had been promoted to corporal and worked as a supervisor in the Service Division, then as a detective. She was also the first woman to serve as a shift commander in the Amarillo Police Department.

Clearly, hard work and a passion for your job pays off.

Brown is also a wife and mother, so basically, she's superwoman.

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