Every little girl dreams of the day she can walk down the aisle and say 'I Do.'  All the details from center piece to location need to be perfect.  Well, Amarillo has ranked among the best cities in the US to get married.

Weddings are meant to be the best time of your life, but in reality it can be the biggest headache you've ever had.  You have to deal with all the planning and organizing.  It can be fun, but also very tiring.  Many people often hire planners to help with the work load.

Well, WallHub did a lot of research and found that Amarillo was one of the top cities to get married in!

They looked at 150 of the United States biggest cities and went to work.  They looked at 18 key key factors in wedding friendliness. Factors included average wedding cost to number of venues and event spaces to availability of hotels.

While Amarillo didn't take the top spot, we still did pretty good.  Overall Amarillo came in at number 30 for the best place to get married in the United States.  We ranked 23 in wedding cost; 89 in wedding facilities and services; and 53 in activities and attractions.

Marriage isn't only a life changer, but it can be outrageously expensive.  Before you start planning your dream wedding, you and your fiance need to sit down together and set a budget and get an idea of the kind of wedding you'd like to have.

Orlando, Florida came in first as best place to get married and Moreno Valley, California came in as the worst place in the United States to get married.  But for Amarillo to be 30th out of 150, that's not terrible!  For the full list of cities and helpful wedding tip, you can go here.

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