Anyone who has traveled on I-40 East near Amarillo has to be familiar, or at least aware of, the giant cross that towers over Groom, TX. That giant cross may be getting some competition.

Who Is American Cross Global?

Enter American Cross Global, an entity who has an awfully lofty goal. They're hoping to build a massive, gargantuan cross. The cross they're hoping to build will be just over 1,000 feet tall.

To put that in perspective, the FirstBank Southwest Tower downtown is 374 feet tall. This cross will basically be three times that size.

That is, if it can be built.

How Much Will It Cost?

There is the major issue of getting wind tunnel testing done in order to make sure a structure like this will withstand high winds. The last thing organizers would want to see is their structure fall over because of a strong gust.

Then, there's the cost. If you think that the size of this cross is extreme, check out the price tag. According to their website, the cost will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $450,000,000. That doesn't include the $250,000 for design work and testing.

That's a lot of cheese to spend on a monument.

The Cross Will Find a Home in Kansas

Digging through the website, which I will get into a little bit more in a moment, I did find information saying that the cross is to be located in Kansas. It's understandable. If you've ever been to Kansas you know that there isn't much there for this thing to fall on top of or be in the way of.

I heard about this project from some associates of mine who know that I have a fascination with extreme things like this. The project is intriguing. What else I find intriguing is the American Cross website.

The Website Is Interesting, But Odd

The website definitely lacks the polish and sheen of most websites we see today. This website looks like a passion project. The website features a massive catalog of rants on a  grand total of 135 topics. From Satanic cursing to Yankee imperialism, it's all there.

I really have no clue as to how the mega-cross plays into this smorgasbord of topics.

You can check out the website by clicking this link. Heads up, some of the subject matter may be a little much for the sensitive.

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