Earlier this year a Airport employee found a purse at Rick Husband International airport with NO IDENTIFICATION of any kind and lots of money. How about $10,000! Yes that's right this hard working, honest women found a purse full of cash. This honest lady who requests to stay anonymous says she had worked for minimum wage for 10 years for the airport. During one of her scheduled work days she found the purse and showed one of her co-workers what she had found. With NO HESITATION the employee who found the purse turned it over to airport management. Airport and City officials then told her that if NOBODY claimed $10,000 withing 30 days it would be hers. She then contacted the airport manager and they said it had been pushed back to 90 days which is in March. After the 90 days was up she went to claim the $10,000 and they told her that it belonged to the city.

I spoke to the family and they said "My parents chose not to try to fight for the money. Getting a lawyer and months of waiting on the court case would've been too much hassel".

Now please let me get this right. If you find something shouldn't you be entitled to it if nobody claims it?

ProNews 7 covered this story and this is what the City Of Amarillo had to say:

"Was this mislaid property, lost property or abandoned property because under Texas law that makes a difference as to who is entitled to it," explained Amarillo City Attorney Marcus Norris. "It was pretty easy to rule out mislaid, no one mislays that kind of cash. It was either lost or abandoned and as you study the faces, it was somewhat of a close call."

If the City deemed it "lost" property, the finder of the green could keep it all but if it was considered to be "abandoned" property, the owner of the property it was found on is entitled to it, in this case, the City of Amarillo.

So basically with that said the City said the money was "abandoned" so the founder of the purse will be only given back $4,800! This honest hard working women had the good heart to return it all and the city made up some LAME excuse that the money was left there on purpose. If you ask me that's a bunch of B.S.


AUDIO from family that found the money