There's a huge increase in cell phone sales all over the world and Amarillo, TX is no exception.  But with the increase in cell phones being purchased, means an increase in commuters driving and using their wireless devices at the same time.  With that in mind, should Amarillo have more regulations for cell phone use behind the wheel?

Currently, the only ban we have on cell phones while driving applies to school zones, which prohibits use of cell phones in any city school zone, with the exceptions of emergencies, police officers and other emergency responders.

More regulations were presented to the City of Amarillo by traffic engineer Jerry Bird, but the questions were all dismissed.


Amarillo Globe News Reports

A committee Monday shut down an Amarillo traffic engineer’s questions about whether cellphone use behind the wheel should be regulated more than other distractions for drivers behind the wheel.

City of Amarillo Traffic Engineer Jerry Bird several times posed the question to the Amarillo Traffic Commission, which must determine what restrictions, if any, to recommend for adoption as law.


I think Jerry is actually right on the money with this topic!  I've actually taken a pledge to not text and drive anymore.  I think that should be the main push he presents to the city of Amarillo.

Talking on my cell phone while driving really doesn't distract me from the road, if anything, it distracts me from my conversation.

Texting and driving actually messes with me big time!  I just don't have the ability to do it!  I've tried using my knee to keep the wheel straight, but I always end up slightly off path and into the lane next to me.

So if you ask me, they should regulate more, but only with texts.  If your caught texting and driving, there should be a citation issued, and I think this should be city wide.

But I DON'T think there should be a ban of cell phone use when your talking on the phone.

Take my poll and tell me what you think!

See the full story here at Amarillo Globe News.

This whole story reminds me of an episode of Mythbusters where they compared texting & driving VS drunk driving.  They proved that it's actually MORE DANGEROUS to text & drive then it is to be drunk and driving.  Crazy stuff right!?