Text & Drive? Not In Canyon, Drivers Face A Fine!
So yesterday, we announced the news about the ban on cell phone use while driving that was passed by Canyon, TX.  Today, more details are coming in that explain a little more about what will be happening to drivers caught using their cell phones while on the road.
Canyon, TX Bans Texting While Driving
It's about freaking time a city in the Texas Panhandle stepped up and did this!  Now I'm not saying anything, but I totally knew that Canyon, TX would be the first city in the area to pass a ban on using devices while driving.  Because the cops there have absolutely nothing to do but pull people ove…
Amarillo Shoots Down Ban Of Cell Phones While Driving
There's a huge increase in cell phone sales all over the world and Amarillo, TX is no exception.  But with the increase in cell phones being purchased, means an increase in commuters driving and using their wireless devices at the same time.  With that in mind, should Amarillo have mo…

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