You don't expect to go off on a vacation to just never make it back home to your family. That is what happened to one British tourist who wanted to visit Amarillo back in 2009.

I was out at Hodgetown the other night and before every game, they play Tony Christie's "Is This the Way to Amarillo?" That got us talking about this infamous murder that happened at The Spotted Pony.

It was just a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thomas Reeve was on vacation. He was making a long road trip from San Francisco to Florida with a couple of friends. He wanted to make a stop in Amarillo because of the Tony Christie song.

They got a hotel near the Spotted Pony on Paramount. They went over to have a drink. Reeve was only drinking Coke and wanted to leave earlier but his friends convinced him to stay a bit longer.

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That ended up being a deadly decision. Ray Cisneros decided to walk in and rob the place. He was there earlier drinking but he decided to come back. He had a gun and something covering his face. He fired that gun several times. There were only fifteen customers in the bar at the time. One of the bullets struck Reeve and ended up killing him.

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What are the odds you make a trip like this and end up dead? All because of a song. This is a heartbreaking story that his family had to hear. Plus Thomas was a new father and left behind a one-month-old baby girl.

This story is just so tragic. They did end up catching Cisneros who was charged with murder and is serving a life sentence. Just such a tragic story all because of a hit song. Think of this every time you are at Hodgetown and they play it overhead.

We sure did.

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