Last week I told you about Karon.  Karon is a special needs child in Amarillo that had her beloved pet iguana stolen from the sun room in front of their home.

Big Green is the name of Karon's iguana.   Karon was heartbroken when Big Green was taken from her in the most hateful way.

Karon had surgery this week in Ft. Worth.  No child wants to have to go through the frightening process of surgery on a regular day.  However, Karon had to go through a surgery with a broken heart because Big Green was gone, but she also didn't have her service dog Boston.  Karon is no stranger to a hospital or an operating room, but she is still a child and she still gets scared and to top it all off she had a horrible week.

Well today I'm happy to tell you Karon's surgery went well and as they were in the hospital in Ft. Worth.  Karon's mom, Elizabeth, got a phone call from her sister that Big Green was back in his enclosure in their sun room.  Big Green wasn't harmed and is happy to be back home as well.

Photo Courtesy Elizabeth Barclay
Photo Courtesy Elizabeth Barclay

Let's just say that Karon was a very happy girl on their trip back to Amarillo yesterday.

I'm glad someone decided to grow a conscious and bring back Big Green.

I will never understand why people feel the need to steal.  I'm so very glad that this story has a happy ending and Karon was able to get her baby Big Green back safe and sound.

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