They are here! McDonald’s spicy McNuggets are now on the menu and today you can get additional free McNuggets. The special has been dubbed "Spicesurance" and will only available on the McDonald's mobile app-here’s the deal: Order a six-piece Spicy Chicken McNuggets through the app and get another six nuggets, either classic or spicy, for free.

As we told you a few weeks ago it's the first flavor McDonald's USA has introduced to the McNugget since the product debuted in 1983. The nuggets are breaded with a tempura coating made of both cayenne and chili peppers.

Guess what we are having for lunch.

In the “Spicesrance” press release McDonald’s included a ton of fine print:

We heard you want to try our new Spicy Chicken McNuggets when they hit restaurants nationwide later this week. Are you ready to add even more heat to your order? Or, maybe you aren’t entirely sure that spice is for you but you want to try anyway? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing Spicesurance. For one day only – Wednesday, September 16 – when you order a 6 piece Spicy Chicken McNuggets through our App, you can add Spicesurance for six additional McNuggets free of charge. Here’s how it works:

Download the McDonald’s App and select either of the below Spicesurance coverage plans with your 6 piece Spicy Chicken McNuggets order (limit one per order):

Six additional Spicy Chicken McNuggets: Think you can handle the heat? You can enjoy the perks of Spicesurance with six more Spicy Chicken McNuggets on us.

Six additional classic Chicken McNuggets: A little on the fence? We’ve got you covered with six of your original favs, risk-free. No added cost involved.

That’s it. No, seriously. That’s all there is to this. Ok, you might want to take a “quick” read through the offer’s Fine Print* for the full ins and outs of Spicesurance to be safe. Better have your reading glasses handy! Don’t want to read all nearly 9,000 words? You can watch it instead!

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