So the good news came out recently that I think everyone in Canyon can agree is great. Free food. Yes, students in Canyon Independent School District can now eat for free. I am talking about breakfast and lunch.

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The school district received a waiver from the US Department of Agriculture supplying the funds. This helps families on many levels. First there is the cost savings. Parents don't have to worry about going out grocery shopping for breakfast foods for school lunches. So parents are saving time and money here.

Oh and guess what? No more worrying about finding time to pack a lunch for the next day. Oh what good news. No worries about whether there is money in your child's account either. That can be a hassle. Nothing makes a parent feel worst than that phone call from your kiddo saying they are out of money in their account. You as the parent rush to get online to add more funds. That is done for the time being.

So what if your kiddo doesn't attend school in person? Are they going to be penalized for that? Nope. If you are a virtual learner you can pick up to-go meals from Westover Junior High and Canyon Junior High. The time for pickup is from 9:15a - 9:45a.

Now don't think that your child can go on a wild and crazy shopping spree and expect it for free. That is not how this works. Only the first reimbursable meal is free. If your child decides they want a second meal or wants to grab a side a la carte item they will be charged. So have that discussion with your child.

These free meals will continue until the funds they received from the USDA are gone. So save your family the time and money and enjoy a free meal at school. Man I wish this was a thing when I was going to school in Canyon.

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