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Some places you need to have the app downloaded. You may even have to sign up. You can't always just go in on your birthday with your proof of birthday. If you do the work you can enjoy free stuff for awhile.

I make sure I visit all of my favorite restaurants and at least look. If they have a rewards program, I sign up. If they have an app, I download it. Then I just wait.

I usually get an email from each restaurant starting the month of my birthday. I go ahead and print them off. Some of them you have a couple of weeks to use. So it is great. You can spread out the free food for a bit. You don't necessarily have to go to all the places ON your birthday.

Most of them you have to purchase something to get your meal free, but you don't necessarily want to eat alone for your birthday anyway. So get to doing your signing up.

I promise it doesn't take long but it is so worth it. Especially when your birthday month rolls around and you start collecting all the free food.

Here are some of the places offering something for free for your birthday. So enjoy it.

  • The Big Texan
  • La Fiesta Grande
  • Beef O'Brady's
  • Rosa's Cafe
  • Hoffbrau
  • Red Robin
  • Green Chili Willy's
  • Denny's
  • Red River Steakhouse
  • I-Hop
  • Jimmy Egg
  • Saltgrass
  • Chili's
  • Denny's

Want a full list of where and what you need to do? The info is all HERE.

Have you gone anywhere else and got free food for your birthday? Let us know.

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