As the temperatures get hotter and hotter, you're looking for a place to cool off right?  Well Amarillo Parks & Rec has some aquatics, or public swimming pools, that are about to open and it's just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!

Gates for the Amarillo public swimming pools are having the season opener this weekend!  Saturday, May 26th, 2012 - Monday, May 28th, 2012!

There are several pools to choose from in an area near you!

And Amarillo Parks & Rec have been devoting massive amounts of time, energy & money into the pools, so expect a better experience, more tanning chairs and most of all, cleaner water!  YES!

There's South East pool, located at the corner of Osage & 34th.

There's South West pool, located at 48th & Bell (in John Stiff Park).

And last but not least, my favorite, Thompson Park pool, located at NE 24th & The Dumas Hwy (the park with Wonderland & the Zoo in it).

Admission is$2 for 12 & under, $3 for 12 & up.  Seniors pay $2 and if your a parent just there to supervise and not swim, that's only $1!

Pool hours are Monday - Friday 12n - 5p

Saturday 12n-6p

Sunday 1p - 5p

Catch KISS-FM live for the season opener as we throw a KISS-FM Pool Party this Sunday from 1-3p!  You'll get to see me shirtless ladies & gay men, so look forward to that :) Plus my hot wife will be in a 2 piece lol.

Don't forget the Amarillo Parks & Rec - Aquatics division is offering up quite a bit this year!  From swim lessons to jobs for those who need a summer job and want to be a Jr. Life Guard.  Visit for all the details on that!

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