This is such a sad story in so many disturbing ways for the victims involved.  April 28 Amarillo Police responded to a 911 caller who reported a shooting in the 5500 block of Everett Avenue.  On scene officers discovered 15 year old Adrianna Leshay Martin who had been shot in her head.  Martin died at Northwest Texas Hospital April 30. Sims admitted that he had been playing games with the gun with Martin and other friends. The game involved handling the gun when it was unloaded, and participants would point the gun at each other and pull the trigger. Sims told police on the day Martin died he loaded the gun that was used in the game and left it lying out. When Martin picked up the gun, Sims said he grabbed for it while telling her it was loaded. In grabbing for the gun, Sims caused it to discharge, shooting her in the head.

Tanner Lee Sims 18 was charged with criminally negligent homicide in Adrianna Leshay Martins death and was arrested on May 4. May 29 Tanner Lee Sims bonded out of jail for the criminally negligent homicide charge. June 1 Sims was arrested for one count of possession of child pornography. The child pornography charges have no bond listing.

Child pornography possession in Texas may charge the accused together, the promotion has a specific requirement of no less than six images of one precise child in the visual material of an illicit nature. Penalties for these crimes could reach up to $10,000 in fines and anywhere of two to twenty years in a state prison. If the person distributes or trades images with an organization or another person, this could increase charges and possible punishments received if convicted of these illegal actions. When accused and charged with these crimes, it is crucial to hire a criminal defense lawyer and refute the charges or attempt to plea bargain down the penalties.

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