Fire Station 13 is located in Southwest Amarillo between 45th & Bell and Coulter. It is fully operational and helping the community, as the newest fire station. It was built a few years ago to help Amarillo's fast growth. If a new Station is needed to be built, where would it go?


Fire Station 13 is a little bit bigger then the rest and has a modern feel along with all the newer facilities. The large garage now holds one of the city's two Panhandle Regional Urban Search and Rescue trucks. These trucks are used in situations where people are trapped in rubble or in small rural places.

For residents who feel they are in danger, there is a safe room in the front of the station if needed. Stay updated with he AFD as they have a Facebook where you can keep up on certain situations, or even if you have questions. Always remember 911 is the best way to get a hold of the Amarillo Fire Department during an emergency.

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