Amarillo is becoming ground zero in the fried chicken wars. One chicken franchise is expanding and another has called it quits in the Yellow City.

I passed Bush's Chicken on Bell every day, heading to and from work. The sign out front usually lists a special including a recent "student special." On Monday afternoon, I noticed the sign had changed from a special, to "Closed."

A quick trip around the building showed the outside menu boards, have been taken down. I tried calling their phone and there was no answer. Bush's Chicken opened to a normal Amarillo welcome. There were lines that had cars separated into two lanes.

Over the last few months, there have been fewer and fewer cars around the business and as of Tuesday afternoon, there were no cars, or people either. It became Amarillo's first chicken foul out. Was it the construction or did Amarillo become bored? That does happen.

If you've driven on South Bell lately, you may have noticed a Chicken Express sign, right next door to Sonic. Amarillo is home to Popeyes, KFC, and Raising Cane. There are already two Chicken Express locations in Amarillo and one in Canyon. Toss in our two Wingstop and Buffalo Wing Wings locations, along with four Chick Fil A spots and two Church's stores and Amarillo is clucking loudly with fried chicken. And those are just the fast food locations.

Fried chicken is big business, nationwide. As America becomes more health conscious in our food choices, fried chicken is still our favorite comfort food.

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