I spoke to John and Chelsea of The Vault GC to see exactly what their plans are for this location. When speaking with John, he stated that this was a childhood dream shared with his brother, Stuart. That dream is becoming a reality in the very near future.

Hopes for The Vault Gaming Center include not only just a great place to enjoy games with friends, but also a place to host tournaments. Those tournaments will range from casual competitions, to events that bring in some top tier talent.

With the rise of ESports (ESPN recently picked up the Overwatch League, plus some colleges are now offering scholarships to players with pro-level potential), John said the time is now for Amarillo to get in the tournament scene. If not, we will be trying to play catch-up with everyone else.

But it's not all tournaments and stiff competition. John and Chelsea both stressed their desire to turn this into a haven where anyone, regardless of skill level, can come and spend time with friends. Also, it gives those who can't afford to constantly upgrade gear a chance to play with some of the best tech.

John also mentioned the possibility of weekly lock-ins, which would feel like a LAN party from the days of old.

There will be 48 top quality gaming PCs, 4 VR stations, and 15 consoles including PS4, XBox, and Nintendo Switch. Snacks and drinks will be available.

John, Stuart, and Chelsea know their stuff and are avid gamers themselves. Chelsea met the brothers through World of Warcraft. Currently, Chelsea and John are playing Overwatch on PC. John is also on Starcraft, Metro, Dead Space, and COD. Stuart is currently working his way through Warcraft 3 again.

The Vault Gaming Center should be open by early October. Check them out on Facebook for more information.

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