This sounds a bit like desperation, but word is that the powers-that-be at ‘American Idol‘ offered pop diva Katy Perry a whopping $20 million to join the show as a judge. Whoa. That’s $2 million more than top diva Mariah Carey got to board the judge’s panel, and she brings more history and star power. What gives?

The producers were so desiring of the ‘Wide Awake’ singer that they went all out and offered her a chunk of change to lure her in. It’s not like Perry needs the money, especially since her ex-husband Russell Brand walked away from half of her robust fortune even though he was entitled to it since they did not sign a pre-nup.

It’s also not like the show is in dire straits, either. There are plenty of eligble pop stars of A-list caliber that could join the panel, so it’s not like they needed to throw pots of cash at Perry since she was the only or most viable option.

She does, however, have a younger-skewing audience and could keep ‘Idol’ viewership young and vital.

TMZ reports that a source close to the sitch claims that the producers pursued Perry relentlessly and tirelessly for weeks, trying to get her to commit.

The original offer came in at $18 million but they added a couple more bucks to the one-year deal. Despite that massive hill of beans, Perry was decidedly uninterested in ‘Idol.’ The show has a rigorous and grueling schedule and Perry’s own career is too hot right now to spend time fostering the future of others. Her commitments take priority and it was not the right career choice. We can’t say we blame her, although that money is enticing.

Word is that Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are going to join Carey on the all-new panel.

We wish that those Charlie Sheen rumors were true. What a hoot he would be!

Watch the Katy Perry ‘Wide Awake’ Video

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