The holidays are here and if you are feeling pressure to get everyone in your family a gift this Christmas I got a great gift idea.  

I come from a big family so buying a Christmas gift for everyone would be super expensive.  But at the same time you don't want anyone to be left out.  What I usually do is buy Christmas for all the kids, my parents, and grandparents.  Over the years I have found a way to include all my family on my Christmas list.

What I do is bake.  I make a bunch of different Christmas candy, cookies, and other sweet treats.  Then I mix and match and put it in a pretty container with a ribbon.  On Christmas day, I can pass out a gift to everyone in my family and they all love it.

This gift is inexpensive and thoughtful.  A great way to make everyone feel remembered.  You can find recipes just about anywhere. AllRecipes usually has good ones.  You can also look here to find some great Christmas cookie recipes.

When you have a big family and don't want to leave anyone out, this is the perfect way to do it.  The best gifts are the made with love.

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