With so many different social media outlets, there are so many new rules when it comes to teaching.  But one thing that doesn't change is the best interest of the children.  An Ohio middle school teacher is fighting for her job after posting a picture to Facebook.

It is completely understandable to be over protective of the students in your school, but should an innocent picture cost a teacher her job?  That is exactly the question.

A few months back Melissa Cairns, a middle school teacher, post a picture of her class with duct tape on their mouths to her Facebook page.  The caption said ""Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!"

After reading that, you automatically think-Did she duct tape their mouths?  But that isn't the problem.  The problem is that she put her students' pictures up for everyone to see.  The school board believes that she violated their privacy.

She was immediately asked to take the picture down and all of the parents were contacted.  She explained that they put the tape on their mouths themselves and the picture was a joke.

But the part that wasn't a joke-Facebook.  The board is now trying to decide whether or not to terminate her.  She has been a model teacher for 10 years and this mistake could cost her her career.

Do you think she violated the student's privacy by posting that picture?  Should she be fired?

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