Hutchinson County is home to the youngest elected Sheriff in the state of Texas. Blaik Kemp has provided us with an aura about him that most law enforcement officers simply don't have. He was enthusiastic, vibrant, and always at the forefront.

He loved putting away people for various crimes and took a lot of pride in everything he did.

On July 25, 2023, though, Sheriff Kemp threw everyone a bit of a curveball. He decided it was time to retire the badge and move on to something else. He stated he would not be seeking re-election for another term.


In the post, Kemp said he had a couple of opportunities on the horizon and he wanted to pursue those. He stated in his Facebook post, "Passing up the opportunity to develop, scale, and market a business at this point in my life would be foolish."

A quick look at his Facebook profile shows he is the owner of two companies. One of them is 10-8 Construction, and the other, is Centurion Alpha Clothing. Talk about two very different types of businesses on the opposite end of the spectrum from one another.

The strange thing about this is that neither of the Facebook pages were very active towards the end of 2023. Centurion was promoting a clothing drop for December on November 19th, and then nothing was posted again. The page for 10-8 Construction showed the last post to the page on October 23, 2023, posting the winner of a raffle. That page was somewhat recently updated on January 24, 2024, mentioning they've been restructuring things over the last few months.


I started scrolling through Kemp's personal Facebook page to see if I could get an idea of what he was up to. Unlike his business pages, he was very active in posting things to his own page. The love he has for the Raiders, pics of himself in different poses, some in uniform, others not. Videos and TikTok-type challenges with his daughters.

Overall, it was a pretty normal smattering of posts that just about anyone who is a heavy social media user would post. There was one photo of him promoting his clothing line or at least the name of it.

It wasn't that particular photo that grabbed my attention though. There was one before that was shot in Houston that had him essentially doing a modeling pose. I thought, oh must be one of those "felt cute" kind of shots. As I continued my scroll, I realized it was not.


December 16, 2023, is when everything changed. Sheriff Blaik Kemp, one of the most feared men in Hutchinson County for the bad guys, a man who has busted up narcotics rings and arrested so many different people over the years, has made the most drastic career change I've ever seen.

You read that right. Kemp signed with a modeling agency and did a full photo shoot. Was this just one of those "always wanted to try it" sort of things? Or is this what Kemp was referring to when he decided not to seek re-election?

December 20, 2023, Kemp posted again to his Facebook saying "Second shoot in the books" with a pic of him in a three-piece suit.

Four days apart, two shoots down. Maybe he just enjoyed the first one so much he decided to go back for another. The modeling talk seemed to die down after that post on December 20, so yeah it kind of looks like it was a fleeting thing.


Kemp's look on Facebook began to change as the new year hit. Always dressed nicely like he was going to some sort of event, and even his relaxed clothing was something most men would wear if they were going to work.

On January 6th, he posted on Facebook a pic of him on a plane with nothing more than a plane emoji. Two days later, we learned where he was headed.

Pictures all rolled up into a Facebook Reel show us he went to L.A. for the International Talent and Modeling Competition. Now we know this is real, not just some fleeting thing he'd always wanted to try.

On February 26th, he posted that he was going to be co-hosting the China U.S. Fashion Week event, further deepening his ties to the modeling world.


Even though Kemp is starting to slowly shift gears to the modeling world, he hasn't forgotten where he came from. He posted numerous times about the wildfires that ravaged the Texas Panhandle and even said he would open his home to anyone who needed it once he was back in town.

He has continued to show support and post messages for Hutchinson County, reminding people to "behave" on holidays and other days when we tend to get out of hand. He still posts down-to-earth photos of him and his girls as well.

The one thing I can say though is this. Blaik Kemp as a model was NOT on my 2024 bingo card.

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