Wow!  This story is absolutely insane.  Grandparents are suppose to be loving people who only want to spoil their grandchildren.  Well these grandparents wanted their grandchild to have the time of her life, even if it is dangerous.  Florida grandparents were arrested after pulling their granddaughter (who was in a toy car) with their SUV, while they were drunk.

I love my parents and think they are really great grandparents, but if they ever did something like this I would never trust them with my child again.

A set of Florida grandparents were arrested for child endangerment after police found them towing their 7 year old grandchild in a hot wheels car behind their SUV.  Oh and did I mention they were drunk.

According to police officials, the couple decided it would be a good idea to attach the little girls toy car to their SUV with dog leashes.  They then allowed the girl to get inside the car, wearing nothing but a bathing suit, and pull her going 5-10 mph.

The grandfather was the driver and refused to take a sobriety test.  The grandma was cheering her granddaughter on through the open back hatch didn't seem to think they did anything wrong.  She admitted to police that although it might be dangerous, they were having fun and had been doing it all day.

What??  Yeah lady everything is fun until someone gets hurt!  This lady is insane.  It wouldn't have been fun if the little girl flipped over and was dragged.  It wouldn't have been fun if another car didn't see the girl and hit her.  It wouldn't have been fun if the grandpa had to slam on his breaks and the girl either went under the SUV or smashed into it.

Some people are just dumb.  Both grandparents are being charged with endangerment to a child and the grandpa gets the additional charge of DUI.

The upside to this is that they didn't take the little girl tanning, although she was in a swimsuit.
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